Our Search Process



Our process begins with a thorough understanding and deep dive into our clients' requirements.  This is not simply filling out a mandate sheet, but conducting extensive due diligence and  background research on your team's performance and progress over the past several years.  We also will not accept a mandate until all of the boxes are checked with a bilateral understanding of our clients' expectations, timing and validation of what success looks like.


We proactively scour the athletics world for candidates who match the criteria and client requirements, as well as screen every resume we receive assessing "fit", readiness, potential, reputation and track record. We believe that every mandate is unique and if done properly using a value-added approach, we aggressively spring into motion on the "search/hunt/source" for the best candidate available for every opportunity.  We are not satisfied until we find a well-vetted and properly screened candidate list that has merit, has been pre-cleared, has been reference tested, and doesn't waste our clients' time.  Our ultimate goal in every search is to present a list of the best "fit" candidates who are all ready to step into the role on day 1, and succeed. The energy that goes into every search is second to none and because of our exclusive focus on searches for Coaches, we are never distracted by any other industry disciplines nor do we try and fit a square peg into a round hole. 


Of equal and important note is that we are firm believers in Diversity, and our commitment to our clients is to ensure we diligently consider candidates of all diverse categories in every search we conduct.  In other words, may the "best" candidate win.

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