NCAA Coaches

Sourcing the best fit NCAA Coach for your program can be a very complicated, exhausting, time-consuming and stressful task.  Fortunately, The Coaches Agency exists to make the process much more manageable, controlled, confidence-inspiring, and inclusive. We'd appreciate the opportunity to do all the "heavy lifting" in identifying the best in the game, matched to your program profile and requirements.  After all, this is what we do 24/7/365.


Our relationships, knowledge and experience at the college level is extensive, and as we like to think, a competitive advantage. In particular, our business model is completely differentiated from management search firms. We specialize and are laser-focused on singularly recruiting Coaches.  We are not distracted by conducting other employment searches, which allows us to customize every search, and hone in on sourcing only the best candidates. In simple terms, Coaches' mindsets, personalities, character references, developing and winning responsibilities, and results-orientation vary significantly from typical attributes in management roles.

In the NCAA world, it's time for hiring managers to quit relying on "friendly referrals" or Booster contacts as the primary source for candidates.  The "protect a friend" or "throw someone a lifeline" theories are not only not helpful, but often they are recipes for disaster.  Focus on the proper "fit", widen your spectrum, open your mind and listen to viable candidates pitch their stories and gameplans....use this approach as a learning experience during the hiring process, rather than view it as a waste of time. Allow us, the experts, to match your needs with the best candidates for your team.  While we'd never say that coaching searches are a science, we can tell you that we're not far off!

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