Executive Coaching

Think about the power and value of being able to sit down and consult confidentially one on one with an Executive Coach who has 30+ years of leadership experience with many multi national companies including GE Capital, BMO Financial Group, General Motors, HSBC Financial. The value of being able to share the "what makes you tick" with someone who has been in the CEO chair repeatedly isn't something easy to find,  in addition to the experiences of having built high performing organizations globally.

Think about the power of being able to candidly share current challenges and issues that you aren't able to share with peers or management as these would be potentially be damaging to your personal brand and credibility.  You are constantly measured on how you respond to issues and how you manage your respective teams, how you develop a high performance culture and  associated sustainable mindset, all of which translate to optimal performance.

Now think about the value-add of sharing strategies and outside the box ideas with someone who actively works with some of the most prominent and successful professional sports Coaches in "coaching the coaches".  The combination of executive leadership experiences, sports management experiences, mental performance culture planning and ideology is, without a doubt, the most powerful approach to self-improvement as a business or team leader in a world where creating, establishing and living your personal brand couldn't be any more important.  Differentiation is key, as is constant attainment of goals and team success. Speak to someone who's been there, done that!

Let's talk sooner than later.

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